«SPF LCB HM» Ltd. (Kholodmash)

The enterprise was founded in 1954 and for many years was the head enterprise of the industry for the development of compressors, units, commercial refrigeration equipment, as well as special refrigeration equipment for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the former USSR.

At present, the enterprise has been transformed into «SPF LCB HM» Ltd (Research and production company experimental design bureau of refrigeration machines). CB Kholodmash emerged from the crisis of the perestroika years, retaining its production and scientific potential - design departments, laboratories, and an experimental workshop.

The most important factor that allows us to timely fulfill orders today is the practically closed production cycle created at the CB "Refrigerating machines", starting from the manufacture of cast parts, elements of heat exchangers and ending with the assembly of compressors and products in general, as well as comprehensive testing. One of the company's laboratories has a certification status.

The main customers of the enterprise in Ukraine: KhKBM im. A.A. Morozov, State Enterprise "Plant named after Malysheva, Yuzhnoye State Design Bureau, NPP Aerotechnika - MLT and others. In particular, together with the A.A. Morozov, an air conditioning system was developed for the Al Khalid product (300 sets of air conditioners were delivered to the customer).

One of the achievements of CB "Kholodmash" is the creation of fundamentally new hermetic compressors with an electric drive from the on-board network. On the basis of these developments, a number of new products have been created, including those for tracked vehicles. Air conditioners have also been created with low noise levels.

The enterprise works in many areas of refrigeration technology, in particular low-temperature. «SPF LCB HM» Ltd. has accumulated comprehensive experience. We have the necessary production and testing facilities to create equipment that meets the needs of customers.

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