• Power supply unit AP-3,0

Power supply unit AP-3,0

Power supply unit AP-3,0

(use in tanks T-55; T-64; T-72)

intended for additional power supply of electrical consumers in the tank and other special-purpose products.

Includes an external unit and an adapter located outside the machine, a control panel, placed in the living quarters. Functionally includes a diesel-electric generator. A system for limiting the maximum current for charging the batteries of the car, regulating the voltage in the electrical network in the range of 23 ... 28V, was implemented.

Operating temperature range from minus 30 to plus 45 °С.


Main characteristics
Use modernization of tanks T-55; T-64; T-72
Current supplied to the on-board network, A 115
Output voltage, V 24 - 28 DC
Drive motor diesel, single-cylinder
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