• Air conditioner KBT-6,0 for BTR-80, 70, 60

Air conditioner KBT-6,0 for BTR-80, 70, 60

Air conditioner KBT-6.0

(use in BTR-80, 70, 60)

is designed to provide comfortable working conditions for the crew and troops in the manned compartment by cooling with simultaneous dehumidification, or by ventilating the air in it.

The air conditioner is a vapor compression unit installed in the armored personnel carrier body and consists of the following main components:

1. Condenser with fans (installed in the compartment on the roof of the APC). It is possible to place a capacitor in front of the radiator of the cooling system, to be specified depending on the installed engine.

2. Air handling unit - 2 pcs (installed in the troop compartment).

3. Compressor (installed on the engine and driven by a belt drive). Installation of a stand-alone electric compressor is possible.

The set of the air conditioner also includes tanks for collecting condensate from air handling units, connecting harnesses, a box for electrical switching and protection, connecting pipelines.

The air conditioner design uses flexible pipelines with detachable connections, which facilitates the process of installing and repairing the air conditioner as part of an armored personnel carrier. The operation of the air conditioner is controlled from the panels on the air handling units.


Main characteristics
Productivity on a cold, W 6000
Air capacity, m3 / h not less than 600
Supply voltage, V 22 ... 29 DC
Power consumption, kW no more than 0.65
Weight, kg no more than 60
Refrigerant R134а
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